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CATSPAW -MAYHEW Tools Lighted PickUp Tool Kit

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The Catspaw Catpack lighted pick-up tool kit contains both of the best selling items, the Lighted Pick-Up Tool and the Lighted Pen Pick-Up Tool, along with replacemant batteries for both and replacement ink refills for the pen. Along with all of that you also get the Catspaw lighted pick up tool pouch which acts as a holster for your belt to hold both tools for easy access. All this comes attractively packaged in a clamshell display and as an added bonus, are individually packaged for resale.

Set contains:

45044 Original Lighted Pick Up Tool
45045 Lighted Pen Pick Up Tool
45015 Pouch w/Heavy Duty metal Belt Clip
45054 Battery Replacements for 45044
45055 Battery Replacements for 45045
45065 2 Pack Pen Refills for 45045

LED Flashlight with magnetic end has 5 lbs. of pulling power. Extends from 7 1/2 ” to 22 3/8 ” for long reach.
CatsPaw(TM) Lighted Pen Pick Up Tool is a vehicle inspector’s NEW best friend! Extends from 6 3/4 ” to 20 1/2 ” for Long Reach. LED Light illuminates work area. Magnetic end has over 2 lbs of pulling power and includes refillable ballpoint pen.
Includes pouch with heavy duty metal belt clip to keep these handy tools at your side.
Also includes battery replacements for Lighted Pick Up Tool and Lighted Pen Pick Up Tool, as well as two Pen Refill cartridges for ink replacement.


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